Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Princeton Health has taken several precautions to reduce everyone’s risk of exposure.

We strictly limited the number of people in the hospital by:

—Implementing a new visitor policy.
—Delaying many non-emergency surgeries and medical appointments.
—Handling some routine appointments through a phone call or a virtual visit on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

However, there are visits that must be handled in person. We have been providing medically necessary, time-sensitive tests and treatments all along, and we are working to resume surgical procedures and other services that were deferred at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are phasing in the services gradually so we can still control the number of people in our buildings. All surgical patients are tested for COVID-19 three days prior to their procedures.

Any patients who test positive will either have their procedures delayed or will be treated in a unit specifically for COVID-19 patients, helping to protect patients in other hospital units from exposure to the virus.

Anyone who attempts to enter our buildings is checked for a fever and asked about any symptoms they are experiencing and whether they had any possible exposure to COVID-19.

This applies to all staff, visitors, and patients. Everyone granted entry to our facilities must sanitize their hands and then wear a mask that we provide.

If you are scheduling an in-person appointment, you will be asked over the phone about fever and other symptoms and any possible exposure to COVID-19. When you arrive at our facility, you will be screened again and given a mask to wear.

When you check in for your appointment, there will be as little contact as possible with our staff, because we will handle most of your registration ahead of time by phone or online.

We have spaced out appointments and rearranged our waiting areas so that you can maintain appropriate physical distance from others who may be waiting at the same time.

Furniture and frequently touched surfaces in the waiting areas are cleaned several times a day using disinfectants that are proven to kill coronavirus and other dangerous germs. Exam and procedure rooms are thoroughly disinfected between each use following stringent infection control standards.

Safety is our top priority — for patients and our staff. We are here every day, and we have taken extensive precautions to help create a safe environment and minimize risks.

we care about the health and safety of our patients, our employees and our community.  In an effort to best serve you, we are adhering to guidelines from the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the New Jersey Department of Public Health (NJDOH) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) in order to minimize health risks.

Our cleaning procedures have been updated to ensure that disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are being used on all common surfaces.  All radiology equipment is cleaned before each and every patient exam.

In addition, we have implemented strict patient screening procedures to ensure that at-risk patients are directed to their physicians or a hospital setting for appropriate evaluation. Patients with COVID-related symptoms will not be seen in our offices, resulting in a safer environment for everyone.


If you have scheduled an exam, we ask that you screen yourself before you arrive:
1. Have you traveled outside the United States in the past 14 days?
Have you been in close contact with a person who has or is suspected of having COVID-19?

2. Do you have any of the following symptoms:

    • Cough
    • Fever
    • Shortness of breath


Please allow additional time for your visit.  Arriving a few minutes early would be appreciated, as we have updated our check-in process to include these several brief screening questions. We are taking patients for exams quickly to keep our waiting rooms empty and minimize contact with others .

All of these are precautionary measures intended to maintain the health and safety of our patients and employees by eliminating potential exposures.  We appreciate your understanding as we implement these new processes.

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